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12 November 2012

How To Create a Sitemap in Wordpress

Sitemap is a page that shows the parts or links contained on the site. Sitemap devoted to two things for search engines and for the user (human). This time I will give a little tutorial on how to create a sitemap in wordpress for user. Here I am using a CMS wordpress hosting service that has the facility to use a PHP file. OK we just practice how to create a sitemap in wordpress.
The steps that you should follow the following :
  1. Login to cpanel your website
  2. Open the file manager
  3. Go to the directory of your website template is being actively used
    example: public_html / wp-content / themes / name-theme
  4. Create a new file with the name sitemap.php
  5. Copy or type the code below in file sitemap.php
    Template Name: Sitemap
    <?php get_header(); ?>

    <div id="content" >
      <div class="post">
        <div class="title">
          <h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>">
            <?php the_title(); ?>
    <!-- ----------------- Display Post with its relative category ----------------- -->
        <div class="entry siteMap">
          <h2 id="posts">Posts</h2>
    // Add categories seprated with comma (,) you'd like to hide to display on sitemap
    $cats = get_categories('exclude=');
    foreach ($cats as $cat) {
      echo "<li><h3>".$cat->cat_name."</h3>";
      echo "<ul>";
      while(have_posts()) {
        $category = get_the_category();
        if ($category[$xi]->cat_ID == $cat->cat_ID) {
          echo '<li><a href="'.get_permalink().'">'.get_the_title().'</a></li>';
      echo "</ul>";
      echo "</li>";
    <!-- ----------------- Display Categories ----------------- -->
            <?php wp_list_cats("sort_column=name&feed_image=/wp-content/themes/wizer/images/rss-ball.jpg&optioncount=1&hierarchical=0"); ?>
    <!-- ----------------- Display Pages ----------------- -->
          <h2 id="pages">Pages</h2>
    // Add pages seprated with comma[,] that you'd like to hide to display on sitemap
        'exclude' => '',
        'title_li' => '',
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>
  6. Save file sitemap.php
  7. Login to your-domain/wp-admin
  8. Click the page menu
  9. Select add new
  10. Type the title "Sitemap" without quotes
  11. On the Page Attributes -> Template
    How To Create a Sitemap in Wordpress
  12. Select sitemap
  13. Click Publish
Now look at the results in your web menus. For demo please visit this website.
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09 November 2012

break out frame traffic exchange

How to remove frame exchange traffic without breaking the rules.

Many ways to bring in traffic, one of which is a traffic exchange program. But there are things to be the rule that traffic exchange to exchange traffic, we have to do web surfing traffic exchange sites so that we get the points that will be used as a tool to get some traffic.

Web or a link that we list will appear when surfing. Web will be appearing in a frame that has the minimum timer to continue surfing. to remove the frame without having to break the rules is by mengilangkan frame after the timer runs out.
below scrip to break out the frame

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> 
if (top.location != self.location) top.location = self.location;

scripts on the web eliminates the frame after loading. To remove the frame according Timmer specified, are listed below

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> 
if (top.location != self.location) setTimeout(function(){top.location = self.location;},10000); 

Place the above script code  </head>

Numbers indicate the length of time 10.000 to remove the frame for 10 seconds. Please you change the timer to your liking.

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14 April 2012

Create Animated Effects on The Web Without Flash

Now it has a lot of animation on the web to implement its web interface, but no doubt much to save a lot of animation effects louding result pages to be slow. By karana that we need to optimize existing resources.
There are many ways to optimize web pages to quickly look without losing its animation effects. I explain that just a little to make the animation, not only can we use flash, but
there is a miraculous way more simple and easy to use. You can use JQuery in making certain effects that would effect has been packaged in one unit and we just call the function in order to use these effects.
In addition to the more rapid development of this web, web developers have created HTML5 and CSS3. A cross between HTML5 and CSS3 can make a powerful animation. But there are disadvantages of the use of HTML5 and CSS3 is the lack of compatible web browsers for some time and there are some HTML5 and CSS3 are not too good at parsing a web browser.
This is an option for those who want to use effects or animation in your web. You can estimate how much resource, compatible, and so forth that may affect your website.
OK that's it from me, antikan again next article
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09 April 2012

Code CSS Gradient two colors

Today many websites that have used a color gradient in the manufacture of its website. This gradient digukan to beautify the look of the website or blog that he made. There are many ways to display the gradient on the website or blog, can use the image gradient, can also use the css code. But not all browsers support this with css code. okay I'll give two color gradient css code.

background: # d2ff52; / * Old browsers * /
background:-moz-linear-gradient (top, # d2ff52 0%, # 91e842 100%); / * FF3.6 + * /
background:-webkit-gradient (linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop (0%, # d2ff52), color-stop (100%, # 91e842)) / * Chrome, Safari4 + * /
background:-webkit-linear-gradient (top, # d2ff52 0%, # 91e842 100%); / * + Chrome10, Safari5.1 + * /
background:-o-linear-gradient (top, # d2ff52 0%, # 91e842 100%); / * Opera 11:10 + * /
background:-ms-linear-gradient (top, # d2ff52 0%, # 91e842 100%); / * IE10 + * /
background: linear-gradient (top, # d2ff52 0%, # 91e842 100%); / * W3C * /
filter: progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient (startColorstr = '# d2ff52', endColorstr = '# 91e842', GradientType = 0) / * IE6-9 * /

CSS above example code for green gradient. You can vary the longer. For an explanation of the codes above, I'll explain it briefly. For the top means the code starting from the top with the color # d2ff52 and ends at the bottom with the color # 91e842.

For more detail and it is clear wait for the next article which explains the above CSS code. and an easy way in making the code.

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07 April 2012

create a border radius

Now a lot of web or blog that has a nice layout view, there are uses animation, images, forms serata berfariasai layout. this time I will explain how to make a little corner of the view layout, either save a div tag or the other in order to become curved. To make a curved corner or elbow, we need a setting in the css (Cascading Style Sheet). Which this css code will set the radius of curvature of a div or element you want to create the arch.

Each browser has a different engine therefore css code used was different. Here I will describe three types of engines the most dingunakan by the people. who first used by the mozilla gecko, webkit which is used by the chrome and safari, and presto used by the opera browser.

OK we just see the difference. below is an example of his css code

-moz-border-radius: 10px; / * for mozilla * /
-webkit-border-radius: 10px; / * for chrome and safari * /
-o - border-radius: 10px; / * for opera *

css code above is the standard of each browser, but for the most recent browser version or date, you just write one line of code into your web css only, of course, on the element you want to set its border radius. Code is as below:

border-radius: 10px;

css code above will support mozilla browser, chrome, safari, and opera. Have you experimented for css codes others. Good luck.

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